Red Card Rebrand


SEATTLE, Washington (U.S.) – Recognized all over the world for their font ingenuity,  the Seattle-based design wizards at Red Card Studios announced their updated brand identity guidelines at a press conference at Seattle’s Flying Bike Brewery. Utilizing the “fun yet professional” Comic Sans font, Red Card Studios takes a bold step into the future – choosing to set trends rather than follow them.

“When we first started Red Card Studios, serif typefaces were all the rage. Sure they’re easier to read and look more distinguished but we’ve never been a fan of reading stuff or looking distinguished,” said Red Card co-founder Phil Etting at the event. “We bucked the trend and went with a nice, clean sans font. It shocked the industry and, frankly, I don’t think they’ve ever recovered.”

“To be honest, I think we just used whatever font came up when we initially opened up Photoshop, “ added Patrick Skidmore, Red Card’s other founder, to the delight of the audience in attendance. “And I should note – I particularly hate serif fonts.”

And what of the recent Google rebrand?

“We did notice Google finally caught up with us,” noted Skidmore. “They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. So we’re certainly flattered. But c’mon, Google – It’s 2015. Sans fonts are so 2003. The future is written in wonky, handwritten fonts. And the future is now.