Restaurant Time Machine

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Restaurant Time Machine We were approached by Scheyer LLC to provide the creative direction and design for a brand new interactive piece for The Museum of History and Industry (MOHAI) called Restaurant Time Machine. The interactive experience would allow the user to access the museum’s large archive of restaurant menus [...]

Veggie Bottoms Kitchen

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Veggie Bottoms Kitchen With Veggie Bottoms a success for Red Card Studios, we started to think bigger and, with that, a vision of a fun, educational Veggie Bottoms ecosystem emerged. Clearly we wanted to help educate young kids and encourage healthier eating habits but what was the next step? Another book? [...]

Intel Online Training Modules

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Intel Online Training Modules e-Learning is a crucial component for many industries, particularly for those in the technology sector who release new products or innovate new hardware and software synergies often. The success of a new roll out depends on the employees and, in particular, the sales people being able to [...]

Motorola Mobile Games

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Motorola Mobile Games Motorola wanted Red Card Studios to help them double down on entertaining while also educating their sales representatives. The result is a series of supporting HTML 5 / mobile app games that balance both education (content and quizzes) with fun, addictive games that enforce learning through repetition. Motorola [...]

Veggie Bottoms

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Veggie Bottoms In this case, the client was us and we needed to have some fun. Since our years working at Disney Online and even earlier working in the multimedia department at The Shoah Foundation, we always had a passion for marrying education with technology and we had an idea. [...]