Project Description

Veggie Bottoms

In this case, the client was us and we needed to have some fun. Since our years working at Disney Online and even earlier working in the multimedia department at The Shoah Foundation, we always had a passion for marrying education with technology and we had an idea.

An idea for a fun interactive e-book for kids that promoted the healthy benefits of eating fruits and vegetables. If you can’t have a bit of fun while making something educational, it will be neither. And we all know kids could use some help eating their fruits and vegetables.

Making Learning Fun

Butts. Lots of fruit and veggie butts. We created a series of colorful characters for various fruits and vegetables and mixed education with humor to create Veggie Bottoms – an interactive, educational app for mobile and tablet devices that makes healthy eating fun for kids.

Healthy Entertainment

The response has been overwhelming. With thousands of downloads, a strategic alliance with the Fruits & Veggies: More Matters initiative and rave reviews, Veggie Bottoms is a hit with kids and mom’s alike. Veggie Bottoms is available on iPad, iPhone, Android, and Amazon devices.

… a fantastically fun way for our kids to learn about their fruits and vegetables!

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Rated 6 on the list of the Top 50 Best Free Apps of Summer

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