Project Description

Veggie Bottoms Kitchen

With Veggie Bottoms a success for Red Card Studios, we started to think bigger and, with that, a vision of a fun, educational Veggie Bottoms ecosystem emerged.

Clearly we wanted to help educate young kids and encourage healthier eating habits but what was the next step? Another book? More characters? A game? We wanted to continue walking that fine line of fun and educational while broadening the Veggie Bottoms world.

Veggie Bottoms Kitchen Recipe Page

Family Participation

It became clear that the next logical step was a cooking and recipe app for the whole family. What better way to reinforce healthy eating habits than to encourage kids to become active participants in the cooking process? The benefits are 3-fold:

  • Enforcing healthy eating habits
  • Promoting active engagement with parents in the cooking process (hands-on learning)
  • Encouraging family dining

Working with a nutritionist, we created over 40 unique, tasty and simple recipes that kids could easily recreate with their parents. Not everyone is a cook, so the idea was to create recipes that would allow child participation but wouldn’t be so complex that a parent with little cooking experience couldn’t handle. It all came down to creating fun activities that a parent and child can do together as a family.

Veggie Bottoms Kitchen Chef Monty

A Solution for All Ages

We knew this wouldn’t be easy – How do we create an app that is not only fun and educational for kids on their own, but also serves as a shared experience where parents actively engage in the cooking process with their kids? We decided to expand the app’s reach by creating a section dedicated simply for fun – enter Chef Monty and the Smoothie Maker game where kids can create all sorts of smoothie recipe combinations using the cast of Veggie Bottoms. Utilizing a non-linear game concept of a faux-kitchen experimental area along with the well-tested gaming concept of achievements, a child can engage in hours of fun creating smoothies on their own when they’re not in the kitchen with an adult actively following a real recipe. With a large library of funny chef reaction animations along with a list of special, secret chef recipe combinations to discover, the app is packed with fun activities for kids of all ages.

4.5 out of 5 Stars: Kids will have fun putting together smoothies and trying to guess Chef Monty’s recipes. Chef Monty’s reactions to their concoctions will amuse kids and entice them to create even zanier combinations. Kids who enjoy cooking with also find it fun to discover new recipes in the app and try making them in their own kitchen.

Best Apps for Kids

Discover 45 Vegetarian Recipes For Kids: Veggie Bottoms Kitchen is a great way to get kids to try new and healthy foods. It turns seemingly boring vegetables into silly characters that kids will love learning about and (hopefully) want to eat.

Geeks With Juniors

Veggie Bottoms Kitchen is the perfect app to introduce kids to cooking with parents and caregivers! The fun loving, irresistible characters will keep kids giggling and coming back for more.The recipes are simple with step by step fun, instructions, and shopping lists.

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