Project Description

A Strange and Fearful Interest

The Huntington Library houses one of the largest collections of Civil War material on the West Coast and the collection was to be on full display in the 2012 exhibition: A Strange and Fearful Interest.

We were approached by The Huntington Library and Muse & Memory to design and develop a series of interactive touchscreen kiosks and a public facing website that allowed visitors to explore the entire collection in great detail.

The red card Solution

The first step was creating an intuitive and immersive experience for the user – allowing them to explore selections from the collection, zoom in to examine images and artifacts in great detail, as well as deliver historical context via text and audio content. From a technology standpoint, both the website and the touchscreen kiosks had to be built to handle hundreds of high resolution photographs each with accompanying text and / or audio data.

A Consistent Style

Working closely with The Huntington Library and Muse & Memory, Red Card Studios ensured that the design and feel of both the web and touchscreen experience complimented the somber content and stylized environment of the installation.

A Seamless Experience

To accompany the web experience, Red Card Studios also designed and developed three touchscreen kiosk applications that were installed throughout the exhibition. These interactive touchscreens allowed users to navigate through selected works from the collection and to drag and pinch zoom the works to examine them in closer detail.