Project Description

Restaurant Time Machine

We were approached by Scheyer LLC to provide the creative direction and design for a brand new interactive piece for The Museum of History and Industry (MOHAI) called Restaurant Time Machine. The interactive experience would allow the user to access the museum’s large archive of restaurant menus and materials from Seattle’s past by answering a few short questions about their personal restaurant preferences.

The goal for this touchscreen activity was FUN. Out of the gate, the client wanted an interactive piece that was engaging, humorous, and easy to use.

The red card Solution

Working with the client, we designed an immersive environment – a retro diner counter complete with a sassy waitress character as host – to welcome the user in and walk them through the multi-step activity.

MOHAI - Restaurant Time Machine

An Immersive Experience

A retro diner seemed like the perfect environment for an interactive exhibit about Seattle’s restaurant past so we designed “Alice’s Diner” – A fictional, cartoon diner reminiscent of diners from the 1960s. The user sits down at the counter ready to order and makes their choices from a virtual menu.

Meet “Ruby”

Based off a real life infamous waitress from Seattle’s past, we designed “Ruby” for the Restaurant Time Machine. She not only serves as the interactive’s host but also serves up sassy feedback as the user makes their choices throughout the activity.