Project Description

Museum of History and Industry

We were approached by Weatherhead Experience Design to both engineer and consult on multiple interactive touchscreen activities throughout the museum as well as a create a central data storage solution for the re-designed Museum of History and Industry (MOHAI) in Seattle.

The data had to be accessible at any time by all the activities in the museum, the data structure open ended enough to accommodate the wide spectrum of activities in the museum, and the activities themselves needed to be built to interface with everything from MIDI devices to cameras to custom triggers. Enter Red Card Studios…

The red card Solution

Working closely with the Weatherhead team, we designed a common data structure, data format, and, ultimately, a central database solution to connect all the interactive exhibits in the museum. We were brought on early in the process to consult on the user experience (UX), interface design, and interactive functionality for six of the installations at the museum.

MOHAI Screenshot 2

Developing the Experience

The interactive exhibits incorporated a wide variety of both technology and different user interfaces – from networked independent touchscreen stations, external cameras, foot triggers, MIDI integration, large Microsoft Surface tabletops, and even a scale railroad track where the user controlled the activity with hammers! Needless to say, things were chaotic at times – “A Lotta strands in old Duder’s head” as it were.

MOHAI Screenshot 1

A Technology Touchdown

In the final months before the museum opened, many trips were made back and forth to the museum, many updates made, hardware swapped, and bugs fixed as we worked hard with the Weatherhead team to make sure all six activities were engineered, integrated, and tested. The museum opened to much acclaim in December 2012.