Project Description

Motorola Training Courses

Motorola needs to constantly output training courses to educate the retail sellers about the various new products they debut.

Their previous method for course development was extremely dated, non-responsive or mobile friendly and cumbersome to reuse. They needed a comprehensive revamp that was made with reusability, localization and maximum flexibility in mind. This course template also needed to satisfy a diverse array of needs, from older SCORM 1.2 compliance to wide-range browser compatibility, including Internet Explorer 8, while simultaneously utilizing the latest in responsive design and HTML 5 animation.

The red card Solution

Utilizing a variety of technologies, Red Card Studios created a responsive, adaptable, localizable template that made churning out unique, visually appealing courses much easier and cost efficient. The result were courses that taught the user about all the features of the featured product, tracked and saved progress as well as submitted results to a variety of end-point, SCORM-based learning management systems.  Courses could utilize graphics, HTML 5 animations or video and everything was playable on a wide variety of browsers and platforms as well as devices.  Motorola’s content is now being presented in a manner reflective of it’s quality brand and products.

Motorola quiz themes

Entertaining Education

Part of Motorola’s aim with the revamp was to focus on design in order to make these courses as visually appealing and fun as possible. They are competing with every other mobile phone developer for the seller’s time and anything and everything that can be done to stand out in their minds was considered. This included making the end quizzes a little more fun and visually appealing. We created a series of quiz designs based on a single engine that played with the Android brand to create a fun and engaging way to learn the material. Taking tests isn’t inherently fun so might as well at least dazzle them with visuals!

Motorola apps in Google Play store

Portability for the User

Another request by the client was to be able to have an offline, mobile app presence for users that wanted to take the training on their own time. Utilizing HTML / HTML 5 and PhoneGap allowed us to create an experience that was easily ported to the Android APK format without doubling costs or effort.

We recently updated the template for an expanded area exclusive to the Motorola sales team that can include more content related to the key selling propositions of their product. All of this is easily accessed with an intuitive, easy-to-use UI.