Project Description

Motorola Mobile Games

Motorola wanted Red Card Studios to help them double down on entertaining while also educating their sales representatives. The result is a series of supporting HTML 5 / mobile app games that balance both education (content and quizzes) with fun, addictive games that enforce learning through repetition.

Motorola needs to constantly output training courses to educate the retail sellers about the various new products they debut. Their previous method for course development was extremely dated, non-responsive or mobile friendly and cumbersome to reuse. They needed a comprehensive revamp that was made with reusability, localization and maximum flexibility in mind. This course template also needed to satisfy a diverse array of needs, from older SCORM 1.2 compliance to wide-range browser compatibility, including Internet Explorer 8, while simultaneously utilizing the latest in responsive design and HTML 5 animation.

The red card Solution

Motorola was insistent that any game needed to include at least some educational content and a quiz about the specific key selling points for their product. The other goal was to make games that are both fun and visually engaging but affordable enough to be sustainable for future iterations. We were given almost carte blanche in both gameplay and artwork – just make something that a sales rep would want to load up and play multiple times.

TurboMan on an Android device

Entertaining Education

Armed with this challenge, we worked to create our first game – The Adventures of TurboMan – to walk the balance between education and fun. To create a game entertaining and replayable enough that the user won’t mind those few, pesky quiz questions before they can play … and in the process, drill that information into their heads. The game had to exist online, inserted in to the Motorola gated site for sales rep and have the ability to be wrapped up as an APK for the Google Play store. The scoring mechanisms connected with their back-end LMS and badge system, creating further incentives for repeated play.

Coming Back for More

The success of the TurboMan had globally with their sales reps led to a follow up game for the Moto Mods initiative. New game, new style but same goal – entertaining education. There are talks for more iterations in the future, exploring different technologies and concepts. Success breeds success.