Project Description

Microsoft MPSA

Microsoft was eager to create a series of short, engaging videos that introduced the customer to the new features and ease of use of their upcoming releases to their Products and Services Agreement as well as their Volume Licensing Portal.

Products and services and licensing – Oh my! The challenge here was to plot out animations that visually represent abstract licensing concepts while adhering closely to the Microsoft brand and adding “creative pizazz”.

The red card Solution

The first tasks were to develop a visual style for consistency across the animated series and a visual storyline based on the scripted content. We created a customized icon library and animation style via a series of animatics that merged our creative vision for the videos with Microsoft brand guidelines. Then it was onto the storyboard process – We worked closely with Microsoft to create an accurate series of detailed storyboards for each of the animations before we began production.

Software in Action

While a majority of the concepts in the animations were visually represented by animated iconography and on-screen text, there were a handful of instances where it was desired to show the portal in action. So we seamlessly integrated a series of animated sequences of the user interacting with the portal at key moments throughout the animation.

Simple and Clear

We felt the best way to clarify the licensing concepts from the script was to adhere to the old adage: “Keep It Simple, Stupid” – Utilize the bold colors of the Microsoft brand with simplified, single color iconography. But creatively, we wanted to do more. So we utilized 3D camera movements and quick transitions to add depth and visual interest. The resulting series of animations was well received by all involved.