Project Description

Intel Online Training Modules

e-Learning is a crucial component for many industries, particularly for those in the technology sector who release new products or innovate new hardware and software synergies often.

The success of a new roll out depends on the employees and, in particular, the sales people being able to adequately understand and present this new information to the customer base? Education is critical and the crux of the success of internal e-Training is trackable retention. How do you get a sales person to sit down, watch, understand, retain and (ideally) get excited about a new product? How do you make your information stand out and turn a sales person into an evangelist?

The red card Solution

Red Card Studios, in conjunction with Prowess Consulting, developed the online experience from soup to nuts. We developed a custom back-end database to collect user registration information, as well as test their comprehension through pre-course and post-course tests and publish weekly analytics per course.

Economical Hosts

For the front-end experience, we pushed the concept of an animated avatar to visually carry the experience during particularly long-winded portions of the story while also minimizing the need to animate every concept, saving time and money. Armed with a family of virtual hosts, we created a set of poses and standard animations and went to work bringing the animations to life.

Success & Variation

The success of the first module series prompted Intel to request development of two similar, but unique, series for two more internal divisions. Customized interfaces, icon sets, and animated styles were created to adhere to both the internal divisional needs and Intel branding guidelines as they changed over the course of the year.