Project Description

Getty Center: Quartz Template

The J. Paul Getty Museum is one of the largest and most active museums in the world. Their collection is wide reaching and immense and their endowment allows them to showcase a large number of unique exhibitions a year.

These require lots of planning and coverage, including an online presence to share, tease and promote these exhibitions. As they worked to redo their website and blog internally, they needed a way to templatize and produce visually engaging websites easily and efficiently as each new exhibition went live. They needed a website template with real flexibility and ease-of-use.

The red card Solution

With several talented coders and more than one way to solve a front end website solution, our team of developers worked with the Getty’s internal team to fully understand existing protocols in use across their internal and external site to devise a solution that both modernized and streamlined their current process while also integrating seamlessly with their existing proprietary technologies.

Getty Center Quartz Template

It All Starts with Visuals

Our design team sat down with the client to lay out all of the possible needs for an exhibition website and all possible legal restrictions applicable to each: what rules apply to captions vs. by-lines, what can or can’t you do to any artwork image and how that applies to headers vs. slideshow galleries and more. If this project were truly to be a highly dynamic and flexible template, all rules and possible applications need to be defined and addressed ahead of time and worked into the user interface design.

Design + Technology

A well designed website is a marriage of graphic design and flawless technological integration. Inefficient or sloppy code can derail even the best laid out user experience. And under the hood? Well, your code is only as good as the thoroughness of your testing across all acceptable browsers, browser versions and devices. Plus – big institutions can move slowly so our team worked hand in hand with The Getty Center to ensure that the templates we created would last for years to come.  Our code, UX consultation and expertise helped the client realize their vision for a centralized exhibition aggregator.