Links, links, and more links. They’re everywhere. In-app ads, the still ever-present banner ads, and, as anyone who uses social media is familiar with, the “click bait” links – From galleries of food or cats or celebrities you are forced to click through one by one to the all too familiar “Which ______ am I most like?” quizzes. To extend the fishing metaphor, advertisers are “trolling” for clicks. The more lines you put out in the water, the more you increase your chances that something or someone will bite.

A trend that is curious to me is the trend of placing advertising links (or hashtags) in non-interactive non-digital mediums. They’re on billboards. They’re in magazines. They’re in newspapers (Do those still exist?). They’re on television*. They’re in your breakfast cereal. If I’m driving down the street and see a billboard with a URL, a hashtag, a social media icon or link, I’m not exactly going to stop and write it down. I’m certainly not going to grab my phone and type in the URL. Last I checked (and believe me… I’ve checked) touching a URL in a physical magazine or newspaper doesn’t do much of anything. To overextend the fishing metaphor, this seems like the equivalent of dropping your line into a bucket full of sand.

I finish this with a message to the advertisers out there – Stop fishing in the sand. Contact us and we’ll be your fishing guide. Think of us as the creative, digital Jeremy Wade (to overextend the overextended fishing metaphor)

*I know televisions are becoming more and more interactive so I will give this medium a bit of a pass.